The old guard changes and simultaneously a new order begins. Overland Storage has a new board director. It is Nora Denzel.

She was previously an SVP and GM of the billion dollar a year software unit at Mark Hurd's Hewlett Packard. She retired suddenly at the end of 2005 and is now a member of several company boards. Overland is glad to have her services.

She knows storage very well. Before HP she was an SVP of product operations at Legato, in pre-EMC days, and has been named as one of the top 20 leaders in storage by Storage magazine. Also, during her time at HP she was VP and GM of the storage organization.

HP was once Overland's biggest OEM and its decision not to take a new product from Overland helped precipitate the company's woes under former CEO, Chris Calisi. No doubt Nora Denzel understands all this very well and there may be an undercurrent here of Overland wishing to mend relations with HP.

But Denzel was known as a confidante of ousted HP CEO Carly Fiorina and her influence at Hurd's court may not be as large as it was in Carly's.

Overland has also appointed Eric Kelly to its audit committee and so regained is Nasdaq compliance. Kelly is currently president of Silicon Valley Management Partners, a management consulting and M&A advisory firm, which he co-founded earlier this year. His most recent corporate position was VP and GM of storage systems solutions at Adaptec. Prior to that he was president and CEO of Snap Appliance, acquired by Adaptec. There is time at Quantum and Maxtor and Dell and Connor Peripherals in his CV too.

Overland president and CEO, Vern Loforti, said of the new appointments: "They are both extremely experienced storage executives who are fully capable of providing valuable vision and guidance to Overland. ... they each are already very familiar with the challenges of our sector in the storage technology industry. Over the past several months, Overland has made significant progress on many fronts, and we are now able to be more forward-looking. As we evaluate new opportunities, the vision, in-depth knowledge and guidance of our board, now complete, will help us forge a strategy for success.”

New opportunities, eh? The Augean stable cleaning is finishing at Overland and a new strategy and product breeding programme may be beginning.