The more I look at the HomePlug AV story, the more I like it. One of the biggest worries about wireless networking is the fear of drive-by hacking - of the fact that radio waves go through walls.

Yet people use wireless Ethernet. Either they want mobility, or in some cases they simply can't wire up their building with Ethernet cable, because it's a listed structure or because it would cost too much..

The office will be wired for mains already, though. OK, there's some things Powerline networking can't do, such as connect up PDAs in the corridor, but many laptop users are already in the habit of plugging into the mains when they can, and for desktop PCs it's great, especially now that the high-speed standard's been finalised.

You need to make sure it's encrypted - the Ethernet signal is attenuated by your electricity meter, but it's just about possible that another customer on the same 240v loop could pick it up. But it still doesn't go through walls into the street outside.

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