Dave Cates saw his local food bank struggling and through the medium of mobile saw a way to help. Now his Foodbank app could be set to change the way we look at charity, globally.

The Foodbank app supports local food banks in managing stock levels and organising donations more efficiently through a centralised CMS. The app runs on a traffic light
system that arranges donations into three categories: urgent, in short supply and well stocked. App users will receive a push notification when their local food bank has run out of a particular item and when their shopping list has been updated.

Credit: Foodbank
Credit: Foodbank

The aim was to "create something that would have a high impact and be self-sustaining, instead of passively donating some money to a charity", says managing director Dave Cates. And with an integrated JustGiving page, Foodbank gives users every opportunity to donate.

The app has already seen remarkable results in Glasgow whose Foodbank received £1000 of donations in just one week and Canterbury which in one month has seen an increase of 100 percent in food donations.

Foodbank received a £30,000 injection from the DotForge accelerator programme - tech for social good - that invests in technology that will have a positive impact on society and further the growth of companies with a social conscience. 

From this investment, Foodbank intends to utilise its proven infrastructure and scale it internationally for many other charities, agencies and organisations to use.

The Foodbank platform aims to be at the forefront of humanitarian crises, providing support and getting supplies to the point of need. By making the platform available to
larger organisations such as Unicef and the Red Cross greater efficiency can be achieved and less wastage incurred.

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