According to Wikipedia, Hermes, in Greek mythology, is the Olympian god of commerce, boundaries and of the travellers who cross them. It's also being used as the name of the Hermes Softlab in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Why should we be interested?

The staff at Hermes have 15 years experience in consulting, design, implementation and maintenance skills involving data protection, archiving and HSM/ILM concepts. They also focus on embedded technologies, application, network and systems management. So any software they produce can range from being storage device-specific to being a business application.

The idea behind the centre is that it is to be used by storage vendors for its storage R & D facilities. Peter Testen, Hermes Softlab's CEO, reckons that storage vendors can use his lab's facilities to get products to market faster and also to tailor them to specific customer requirements.

Hermes has aleady worked with a number of storage vendors in delivering products, using its pre-developped software modules. Fo example: Filter driver building blocks; an NDMP Data and Tape Server; an Email Archiving Agent; and VSS Requestor Module.

The Center will also enable HERMES SoftLab itself to invest more resources into ongoing research focused toward the areas of transparent data access, data movement and meta-data handling, advanced data protection techniques and purpose-built data catalogs.

Jon Toigo, CEO and founder of Toigo Partners International said: “For finalizing initial concepts and delivering them on time, without the need for micro-management, the HERMES experience is first-rate. The amount of knowledge accumulated here is phenomenal. I am delighted that they have opened the center, as it delivers numerous benefits, not just to vendors, but to the industry as a whole.”

The Wikipedia definition goes on to say that Hermes is also the Olympian god of shepherds and cowherds, of orators and wit, of literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures and invention and commerce in general, and of the cunning of thieves and liars.

I think we can discard this last part of the definition though, in so far as Hermes Softlab is concerned. Otherwise Jon Toigo wouldn't have stepped anywhere near the place.