I received a plug from QLogic saying it had shipped 1.02 million Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapter (HBA) ports in 2006. This was more than 250,000 up on its nearest competitor.

So Emulex (I guess), according to the Dell'Oro report used by QLogic, shipped about 730,000 ports. I think we can say that about 2 million HBA ports shipped last year.

The installed base of QLogic ports, both 4GBit/s and 2GBit/s, is 2.88 million with Emulex having 2.74 million, making 5.62 million installed FC HBA ports. Well over a third of this number shipped in 2006, meaning that Fibre Channel SAN use is growing strongly. We can expect growth to continue as blade server and virtual server use should both drive further storage consolidation.