When Gigabit Ethernet appeared, the expectation in many quarters was that 100Mbit/s Fast Ethernet would go the way of the original 10Mbit/s-only spec, which vanished very rapidly under the pressure of 10/100.

It hasn't happened though, and networking vendors are now introducing new 10/100 products, which include the latest smart features but carry Gig ports only for uplinks.

For those who'd been forced to upgrade to Gig throughout simply because their preferred vendor had chosen to implement new features only in its Gig switches, that's a godsend.

After all, Gig still carries a price premium, and as we've noted before more than once, there's few applications outside the data centre or backbone that fill 100Mbit/s, never mind a whole Gig.

If you're one of the many that's developing and deploying a network for more intelligence, rather than more speed, the fact the 10/100 is staging a comeback has got to be good news.