Most people in the WAN acceleration business seem to agree that the market opportunity is huge - there's a lot of organisations which could benefit from the technology, yet only a small percentage have bought into it so far.

So how come Aussie accelerator developer Exinda thinks that a competitive upgrade programme is a good idea?

The company has come up with a scheme to offer rebates to companies who'll switch to its x800 WAN appliances.

Of course, Exinda claims its boxes are better than those of its rivals. However, if its boxes are that good, shouldn't it be out there converting the heathens to the joys of WAN acceleration, rather than kicking off premature price wars?

To be fair, it's not the only company to try such tactics. But targeting the existing customers of your rivals strikes me as an admission that you can't be bothered going out there and breaking new ground.

Plus, the evidence suggests that price wars and slamming are not sustainable long-term business models. After all, if someone's switched supplier once, who's to say they won't do so again?

I'm open to persuasion otherwise though - so what do you think of schemes such as this?