There as a comment on the Western Digital news piece we ran yesterday. It was pretty critical.

The comment said: "I'm a little disappointed in the article - do the editors do any research/editing or does any old press release get posted up without some review? The distinction between USB2 & eSATA for an external drive is trivial at best - few, if any consumer SATA drives exceed sustained writes beyond 60MB/s, meaning the 5x headroom provided by eSATA is nearly meaningless and will not reduce backup times by a factor of 5 (for now and near future). I'm just disappointed that this marketing BS would be regurgitated verbatim without much analysis."

Actually I wrote the 5x comment based on the eSATA I/O rate of 300MB/sec compared to USB 2.0's 60MB/sec and I extrapolated this to reduced backup time. It wasn't Western Digital's marketing BS and I wouldn't like that company to be tarred with a brush that better fits me. Guess I better do a test of this.