HDS has gained a new marketeer. He is Emory Epperson, now titled Senior Manager, Industry Analyst Relations. He took the self-ejector seat at Softek when it was bought by IBM.

That was in December 2006. Mimosa hired him as a marketeer and now he appears at HDS at the same time as Steve Zivanic appears to have left as HDS' senior director for corporate comms. Zivanic is no longer listed as a PR contact at HDS.

I met Emory Epperson whilst he was at Softek, reporting to the redoubtable Stephen FX Murphy, a man who, once encountered, was never forgotten.

During Zivanovic's tenure HDS released a viral video on You Tube featuring the A-Team's Mr T fighting off masses of bad guys as he fought the good storage virtualisation fight. This was followed by Hill & Knowlton ceasing to be HDS' PR agency in the USA. It was replaced by Ogilvy which had a more positive attitude towards such PR stunts.

The aggressive videos were thought by several commentators to be the result of a virus infection inside HDS' PR and marketing department.

Perhaps with Zivanic apparently departing from the HDS the viral video marketing campaign may also go away.