EMC's 1PB+ high-end DMX-3 has three storage tiers and no data moving capability. Why is that?

Hitting the high point is an EMC tactic. With the DMX-3 it has certainly done that. However, there is no capability to move data across the tiers. Blogging executives from HDS (also here) have seized on that point.

But DMX-3 is only half a product. The other half is InVista, EMC's fabric-based virtualisation and storage management software. I can't see many EMC DMX-3 customers with a triple-tiered array not buying InVista. In the recent EMC has pitched InVista as a great product to use for data migrations. Expect an update soon.

In the same anouncement as the PB plus DMX-3 EMC announced thin-provisioning for its Celera NAS box. This is so obviously a good thing I would imagine that it will come for Symmetrix too.

We might also wonder if Centera could use a triple-tiered disk platform. EMC is going to be a busy company this year.