At EMC's Q3 07 earnings conference call EMC boss Joe Tucci was asked what EMC intended to do about new storage technologies. He said EMC would adopt them:-

1. Thin or virtual provisioning (popularised by 3PAR) will be adopted to defer disk capacity purchases and increase disk capacity utilisation.
2. Power-down or MAID (popularised by Copan) will be adopted.
3. Web 2.0 storage (such as Isilon's clustered NAS, and BlueArc gear) will be adopted.
4. SMB storage (with the standard advanced by HDS' SMS 100) will be introduced.

EMC's results were felt to be good but Tucci confirmed that Symmetrix (high-end drive array sales) declined and he also felt that storage sales prospects in the financial services market were slowing.

A note of comparison. NetApp's last results statement revealed poorish results. If its next one doesn't show an improvement then sentiment about the company should about turn. We'll have to wait for next month for that.