Techworld's Bryan Betts interviewed Quantum CEO Rick Belluzzo at CeBIT. It appears DLT now stands for 'Dead in the Long-Term'.

In the interview Belluzzo talked about the future of the DLT format. He said it had lost the popularity stakes to LTO and could be end-of-life by 2009 but possibly later. This applies to both DLT-S and DLT-V versions. DLT-S5 might appear; it might not. I guess it depends upon the rate of LTO-inspired erosion of the DLT market.

Belluzzo is seeing the DLT and LTO roadmaps converging. That begs a terrifically interesting question. Will there be an upgrade path from the last DLT format or formats to LTO? Would you be able to mount DLT tapes in a future LTO drive? Or would DLT users be abandoned in the sense that their DLT format tapes could only be read by DLT drives? (They wouldn't of course be abandoned in any support sense at all.)