The 'Nexsan doesn't do de-dupe' story has opened another interesting chapter, which features de-dupe supplier Falconstor.

Back in November last year people noticed that Nexsan, unlike Copan, a fellow MAID supplier, didn't offer sub-file-level de-duplication. They noticed that there had been people changes. Nexsan marketing VP Brendan Kincade had vanished from Nexsan's corporate radar screen. Diamond Lauffin was no more.

Later in November, Nexsan's CTO, Gary Watson, indicated that sub-file-level de-dupe shouldn't be used for file stores subject to compliance regimes. This is not a view supported by other virtual tape library (VTL) drive array suppliers, such as Copan, EMC, IBM, HDS, HP, Quantum or Sun.

It appeared that there may have been philosophical, strategic and tactical differences inside Nexsan over the use of sub-file de-duplication in its Assureon products.

Now both Diamond Lauffin and Brendan Kincade have surfaced at Falconstor, the unit shipment leader in de-dupe software. Lauffin is a senior product strategist. Kincade seems to be involved on the marketing side.

FalconStor is led by the very clever ReiJane Huai. It looks as if he has given Alex Jiang, world-wide marketing VP, some extra 'oomph' in the marketing/evangelism department with both Kincade and Lauffin being very knowledgable about de-dupe, disk storage and data protection matters.

Nexsan's loss is Falconstor's gain.