Dell is introducing pastel-coloured notebook computers. The Techworld reader benefit is that your miserable day spent looking at black, grey or silver notebook computers is cheered up and you don't have to buy MacBooks.

But you do have to be careful to only use colour-matched USB thumb drives. Techworld environmentally-aware, colour-co-ordinating office designer, Laurence Llewellyn Mellor, is ready to advise concerned Techworld readers ....

Recommendations include advice not to use clashing colour USB drives. Subtle toning pinks, light greens and saffron yellows would be good choices. Naturally your mouse back should be colour-co-ordinated with the laptop and any mouse mat carefully chosen to have a co-ordinating or tastefully contrasting colour.

The contrasting colour is probably best as you want to be able to actually see your mouse on the mat.

Gentlermen are advised to make careful suit, shirt and tie choices so that they have designer clothing credibility in business lounges at airports and on Eurostar trains. What you wear in Starbucks doesn't matter as the coffee is so disgusting no one with any taste would go there.

Lastly, Laurence touches on screen savers and the general desktop background. Again the colours of these must match or tone. Any person of discernment would see at once that to have a desktop background that clashes with the laptop case colour would simply destroy any semblance of a co-ordinated and carefully thought-out clothing and laptop scheme.

For further and more personalised advice do feel free to e-mail Laurence, care of Techworld's storage editor, with your clothing and laptop co-ordination questions.