A new storage industry resource has sprung up, courtesy of a self-proclaimed web-geek at HDS, Jeremiah Owyang. It is a resource listing other resources and is editable, just like Wikipedia. The name (and location) is the Data Storage Industry Wiki

The list of categories it includes is: Home; Bloggers; Forums; Syndicated Feeds; News Pages; Podcasts; Events; Glossary and Education; Research and Analysis; User Groups; Career and Job; and Vendors and Resellers.

This storage industry Wiki is very new and likely to grow quickly. At a minimum it is a useful web address list, aka categorised URL listing, for storage industry people. Somewhat naturally it is biased towards current storage media and research/analyst people. That's probably a disadvantage; more value to end-users will come from access to storage suppliers.

One of things this Wiki achieves is to give the storage industry a lot of faces, and this helps humanise vendors. The media people on it are used to being 'faces' and we don't really need any more exposure.

I hope that the storage Wiki prospers and doesn't become a storage talking shop reference list. Jeremiah Owyang is to be congratulated for putting this stake in the ground.