It's the time of the year when we start thinking of new year's resoultions. David Spate, Yosemite's VP EMEA Sales, has sent in a selection that sound like good sense to me, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Virtually all of us decide to make a list of New Year’s resolutions, vowing to improve our health or our general well-being, or, or, or….. What about the “health” of our business, our systems and our data? I would like to propose a set of resolutions designed to protect the health of our businesses, specifically, the health of our systems and data which are the lifeblood of most organisations.

Accordingly, here’s a set of data protection resolutions for the New Year, that, if followed, will go far to ensure that 2007 will be prosperous, or at least protected, in the event of disastrous data or systems loss.

For 2007, we resolve to:

1) Re-assess our overall data protection strategy including software, hardware, and management costs;
2) Set an adequate Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for quick data restores;
3) Set an adequate Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for sufficient protection levels;
4) Review our backup policies and procedures to evaluate if they are being followed, if they are providing protection for all necessary data, and if the backup ‘windows” we are using are adequate, given our media strategy;
5) Execute full-system backups weekly, and incremental backups daily (or nightly) without fail;
6) Test our restore procedures and software monthly, to ensure that they are operating properly;
7) Identify and store a duplicate of our most critical data offsite and refresh it weekly;
8) Create a “bare metal” disaster recovery plan, execute it and store copies offsite.