TDK Corporation has announced that it will launch sales of its DC-DAT160 data cartridge, in June. It offers 160GB capacity with data compression; 80GB without, and is the world's first DAT 160 media to pass compliance testing by the DAT manufacturers group).

DAT 160 is a sixth-generation data cartridge system. DAT 160 drives are backwards compatible with DDS-4 and DAT 72 data cartridges.

To develop the DAT 160 media, TDK worked with HP, a (the) drive manufacturer. TDK’s DC-DAT160 data cartridge utilizes Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles, a high-precision coating process, and other advanced tape manufacturing technologies to realise the capacity, reliability and durability features it has.

Well, Imation was wrong. DAT 160 looks like a real system. It looks as if HP will launch the DAT 160 drive this month or next month too - you can't have cartridges without drives.

(Currently HP doesn't list a DAT 160 drive.)