I once used to work for SCO, the Santa Cruz Operation. Larry and Doug Michels, two very large gentlemen indeed, must be wincing deep in the heart of their beings, at the anorexic starveling Darl McBride has made of their company.

Today I received confirmation from a pension provider that SCO pensions in the UK would be intact if the benighted Santa Cruz Operation stopped operating and crashed. Now it turns out that Novell says bankruptcy is inevitable for SCO, which is being sued by Novell for a royalty payment of $26 million for Unix System V code use. SCO says it is liable to pay royalties to Novell but not these ones.

SCO has also argued that Novell should not be granted its claim in the form of a preliminary injunction as this could accelerate SCO's bankruptcy.

Novel thinks not; it will be all SCO's fault: "When SCO goes into bankruptcy, it will not be because of Novell's motion, but because of its own financial missteps. For SCO, bankruptcy is inevitable ... and it does not rebut Novell's arguments that its bankruptcy is imminent."

SCO chief spinner Blake Stowell denied it all: "This is unquestionably Novell FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] and irresponsible of them to make such comments." SCO Q4 results will be reported on January 17th when all will become clear.

More here.

SCO has long been sueing IBM for using SCO intellectual property in Linux and AIX product. Linux lovers will applaud the downfall, if it happens - which, no doubt whatsoever, they devoutly wish - of Darl McBride's disputacious and deeply disreputable company.

I'm just glad that people who once worked for SCO in the UK can relax in the knowledge that their pensions are safe even though the company, which many once loved, has been taken to the brink of disaster by its present management.


According to Wikipedia: "McBride holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and received a Master's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is fluent in Japanese and spent time in Japan as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

"From 1988 to 1996, he worked at Novell, where at first he was in charge of Novell Japan and later was vice president and general manager of Novell's Embedded Systems Division (NEST)."

You would think he would get on well with lots of people at Novell.

The Wikipedia entry, not obviously written by a well-wisher, continues: "Since his appointment as CEO of SCO, shares in SCO have decreased in value from $30 to $3 while McBride received significant cash bonuses during the decline."

What's subsequently happened is that CNET posted an article this morning entitled: "Novell: SCO insolvency 'imminent, inevitable.'" About an hour later blocks of SCO stock started being sold and the stock price went down to $0.85. The McBride team have managed to virtually wipe out the stock market worth of SCO, making it less than 3 percent of its worth at a $30 stock price.

This is a train wreck happening right in front of our eyes.