Aruba's 10,000 802.11n access points are still short of the 50,000 that Cisco says it shipped - though Cisco did start sooner.

Earlier this week, Aruba reported 10,000 802.11n APs shipped since february. How many have the others delivered, we wondered.

Here's one answer - Cisco roundly trumps Aruba's figure with a blog post claiming 50,000 of its 802.11n Aironet APs - and 5 million of the Aironet range as a whole, since 2007. The relative size of the 11n numbers is roughly comparable to the overall WLAN market share compared by the two vendors.

Of course, Cisco got in quicker with 802.11n, delivering its access points since last autumn, while Aruba started shipping in February. So Aruba may well have a higher market share in 802.11n than in WLANs as a whole, if you worry about such things.