CA has unveiled a raft of new and updated admin products, thirteen in total, designed to help enterprises simplify and automate their IT processes, as well as reduce costs in their IT operations.

CA has dubbed the product suite with a "Lean IT" moniker in an effort to appeal to IT managers that are struggling in these tough economic times to reduce waste, increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

CA is already a well established player in the Enterprise IT Management (or EITM) sector, and offers tools to deal with virtualisation; automation and optimisation, as well tools to deal with mainframes, distributed environments, plus virtual to physical, cloud to on-premises.

"We have spoken before about our EITM message, but what has changed now is the market conditions, which is forcing IT organisations to do even more with even less," said Colin Bannister, head of strategy at CA UK and Ireland.

"IT organisations are desperately looking at ways to be more efficient, reduce cost, and improve the customer experience," he told Techworld.

But are people really worried about the customer experience in times like these? Bannister firmly believes they should be.

"We will come out of the recession at some point, and IT organisations cannot stop innovating," he said. "There is only so much cost you can strip out, and you need to come out of recession healthy and strong." He pointed to the financial sector, which has been hit especially hard in the downturn. "There are organisations in the finance sector, even now, which are continuing to innovate, as they realise that customer experience is key."

"The Lean IT angle is not particularly new, we are not trying to own that space, but it does accurately reflect the outcome IT organisations need to be looking at," he said. "It also accurately reflects the outcome of CA technology, as each of our 13 product announcement touch that metrics in some way."

"It is more than just technology, we are linking our technology to best practice implementation as well, as it is not just products that makes organisations leaner," he said. "Organisations are telling us they must realise an ROI in less than 12 months now, not 3 years as it used to be, otherwise customers not interested."

So what exactly has CA updated or introduced with its thirteen tools grouped under the Lean IT name?

  • Well, to start off it has updated its CA Wily Application Performance Management tool to reduce application downtime. On the service management side, it has added new capabilities in CA Service Catalog, and it is planning enhancements for CA Service Desk and CA IT Client Manager.
  • For project and portfolio management, CA has upgraded CA Clarity PPM On Demand to address the processes of IT Governance, New Product Development (NPD) and US Federal Government regulations like Earned Value Management (EVM).

  • On the infrastructure management, side, CA has enhanced CA Workload Automation (formerly CA dSeries Workload Automation) help by improving service delivery to end customers through automation of workload processing as business events occur.
  • CA is also planning enhancements to the CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager and CA eHealth Performance Manager. The planned enhancements are designed to help businesses, government agencies and service providers gain integrated availability and performance management for both physical and virtual systems, as well as networks, unified communications systems, and databases.
  • On the recovery management side, CA has enhanced versions of its long-serving CA ARCserve Backup and CA XOsoft. The new versions are designed to expand recovery management capabilities, including virtualisation improvements, built-in data de-duplication and Storage Resource Management (SRM) and DR testing, to improve recoverability of critical business information and reduce the cost of data storage, protection and recovery.
  • On the security management side, CA used the RSA Conference to announce three products that advance its capabilities in this sector. This includes the new CA Enterprise Log Manager, which contains comprehensive log data management for improved security and compliance across systems, and minimise costs through automation and increased performance. The product is designed to collect, manage and archive data from systems such as firewalls, operating systems, applications, and more to streamline Security Information Management (SIM), help confirm compliance and support required security investigations.
  • The second product is CA Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which builds on CA's January 2009 Orchestria acquisition to utilise existing IAM, encryption and log management systems for improving efficiency.
  • The third announcement concerns a planned enhancement to CA Role & Compliance Manager, which builds on CA's November 2008 Eurekify acquisition and is designed to help improve identity lifecycle management, and minimise costs through automation.

CA did not respond with UK pricing details at the time of writing.