Developers worldwide will be queing up for, or logging in to stream Apple’s WWDC today. The tech firm will most likely announce the latest Mac operating system, meaning that OX X 10.11 will get an airing before Windows 10 goes public. It’s also likely Siri will get a refresh too, now it is competing with Google Now, a serious rival in combination with the new Android M OS update.

Techworld spoke to one British developer lucky enough to receive an invite to the holy grail of developer events, inspiration and the most anticipated SDKs of the year. 

Harry Jones is Top10's lead developer and Chief Product Officer ©Top10
Harry Jones is Top10's lead developer and Chief Product Officer ©Top10

“For British developers developing apps over 5,000 miles from the centre of the Apple universe in California, WWDC is a rare opportunity to visit ‘the mothership’ and hear from Apple first-hand,” says Harry Jones, lead developer at hotel booking app Top10.

WWDC famously sold out in two minutes back in 2013, and Apple has since offered a lottery system for keen developers to get a place, so it is no wonder Jones is thrilled to have his place. “As one of the British developers invited, I’m most excited about meeting Apple designers and engineers and discussing our app with them face-to-face. I’m also looking forward to meeting developers from all over the world to share ideas - events like this are a great place to find unexpected inspiration.

On event rumours… 

“There are many rumours flying about what Apple may announce, but most centre around the idea of Apple extending its iOS platform into new areas such as TV and the home; or in-car entertainment systems. Any announcement around this would be hugely exciting for developers as it would likely involve the App Store and the possibility of third party apps. 

“I am also excited about any updates to the Apple Watch platform that may be announced at WWDC. Apple Watch has only been in the hands of consumers and developers for a month, but already several thousand apps have been developed for it. I would be really interested in an update to the Watch SDK that allows developers to run apps natively and have access to the device’s sensors and physical buttons.” 

“Finally there’s the highly unlikely but hugely tantalizing possibility that Apple will announce a completely new product at WWDC. Perhaps the fabled Apple Car, or a move deeper into the fashion world with a line of Apple clothing.” 

On Britain’s position in the tech world..

“Britain’s importance is growing in the world of app development, with award-winning apps like Citymapper, Monument Valley and Top10 now being developed out of the UK. With Brits Jony Ive and Richard Howarth running design at Apple, you could say the UK is becoming renowned for excellence in app design. WWDC provides a great platform for British developers to expose their apps to the US market - especially to influential early adopters attending the conference. 

"From a consumer perspective, Apple is very international in its thinking and usually launches products and services in tandem with the US. However, there are a few areas where we are lagging behind our American cousins – for example iTunes Radio and Apple Pay which are currently US-only. It would be great to see UK support for these services being announced at WWDC so British users can benefit from them too.”