This information came across my desk minutes before I closed up shop for the weekend and a UK public holiday on Monday. It is pretty imptressive and I thought I'd reproduce the release verbatim and have a closer look at the product and technology next week. So here is the release from Montilio:-


Sunnyvale, Calif., May l, 2006 – Today Montilio, Inc., announced it achieved a record breaking 47,586 TCP operations per second (OPS) result on the industry standard SPEC benchmark with its RapidFile, storage to LAN gateway card added to a standard, entry-level server. This is the fastest result ever published on a single node server with 32 percent performance improvement over NetApp’s FAS980 (36,063), and 31 percent increase over EMC's Celerra NS700 (36,335).

The FAS980 and NS700 are the best performing non-clustered products from NAS market leaders NetApp and EMC. Both are priced at least 10 times higher than RapidFile together with the server making the price/performance equation even more compelling.

Professionals in this area of NAS and high end servers treat the SPECsfs benchmark as the closest to real life testing environment. Given the rigid test plan, it is considered the most trustworthy evaluation tool for these applications.

"SPEC’s independent evaluation confirms the performance superiority of our technology. RapidFile is the de facto performance standard for networked file services. No longer is IT chained to purchasing costly and proprietary servers or NAS to achieve its performance needs,” said Michael Tsuk, CEO of Montilio.

This is the first such product that runs on an off the shelf operating system and hardware to achieve these lofty numbers. It works with standard releases of Linux and any standard server platform.

Tests published were conducted using a Hewlett Packard ProLiant DL380 G4 system hosting the RapidFile card with SuSe Linux.

SPECsfs tests conducted on other standard, entry-level server platforms will be published in the near term. Montilio will also be announcing equally remarkable throughput numbers that demonstrate line rates on four 1Gbps Ethernet ports using two RapidFile cards on an entry level server.

RapidFile is essential to any user of NFS/CIFS that is looking to upgrade, consolidate servers or supplement a NAS architecture. It is particularly suited for high performance applications, or power users, in the areas of pharmaceutical, entertainment, biotech, oil and gas, financial services and large government agencies characterized by ongoing, fast and real time access of large data files.

Storage network administrators and IT managers with mid- to high-end NAS and file servers will also find the price/performance very attractive.

RapidFile is listed $2,899 and is available through distributors and resellers,

About Montilio
Montilio, Inc., is redefining the term value proposition with RapidFile™, storage to LAN gateway for file server applications. RapidFile offers three to six times the performance of current alternatives at 15 to 25 percent the price. Investors are Cedar Funds, Evergreen Venture Partners and Intel Capital. Visit for more information.