You can read a more or less weekly column of information about Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz's thoughts - written by the very brain in front of the ponytail - in his blog. Sun staff have enthusiastically taken to blogging and bloggers include Greg Papadopoulos, the CTO, who writes long and fascinating blogs on things like what Moore's Law really refers to.

In no particular order you can also read blogs by:-

NetApp CEO Dave Hitz - highly interesting stuff every week or so and cogently expressed.
HDS CTO Hu Yoshida interesting, almost gentle sometimes, and nicely mixing technology, customers and events. Worth checking once a week or so.
EMC CTO Mark Lewis - just arrived on the blog scene so wait and see how it goes.

HP's storage boss, Duncan Campbell also has a blog. It's very much a 'company line' thing but goes nicely beyond press release stuff.

It's amazing to me that we can have blog written by these people and not by marketing department/PR flack ghost-writers.

I'm going to list three others who I reckon are worth reading - very much so - for different reasons. All three know what they are talking about...

Jon Toigo - irreverent, provocative, knowledgeable, credible, prolific.
Steve Duplessie of ESG - knows the score, calls it a rant, a bit irregular in appearing.
Storage Mojo - Robin Harris with serious storage technolgy and its application horse-power here.

I check these blogs once a day or so. You might find some or all of them worthwhile too.