Storage activities are ratcheting up in Bangalore, India's high-tech hub. Adaptec is to double the headcount at its R&D centre there. This centre is Adaptec's largest development facility and it's going to increase staff from 120 to 240 by the end of the year. They'll be housed in a new 40,000 square foot facility. Development is mainly going to be focused on products for SME markets.

Emulex is going to invest $10 million in Bangalore according to a report in the Electronic Engineering Times. The cash is going into a new design centre, again for SME markets with IP-based products. It is building on the existing embedded software development and ASIC skills of newly-bought Aarohi. The SME market will be a new one for Emulex. Some engineering work will be moved out of Emulex' Bothell plant in Washington, USA, to the Indian sub-continent too.

Lastly HP, according the Inquirer is moving VMS and some storage EVA support out to Bangalore. It is second level support for disk storage products in Europe such as EVA, MSA and NAS. (A local paper, the Deccan Herald might cover the VMS transfer.) HP already has an R&D facility in Bangalore, HP Labs. The work at this centre will, according to Dick Lampman, the HP SVP at HP Labs: “create opportunities for HP to access its next billion customers.”

Just to add to Bangalore's R&D fun IBM has centralised all its SOA development work in its development centre there.

R&D and call centres; Bangalore is expanding its storage IT activities at both ends of the spectrum.

By the way, did you know that Sabeer Bhatia of Bangalore created the Hotmail business which Microsoft bought for $400 million?