Not content with having snagged Citigroup, Autonomy has signed more orders for its e-discovery and compliance products. Adobe, EMC, Lloyds TSB, Oracle ...

Adobe has signed an OEM deal with Autonomy. Here Adobe customers use its products to create and distribute unstructured content. Now Adobe will provide products based on Autonomy's IDOL so that customers can manage that content in e-discovery and compliance terms.

EMC has also signed an OEM deal with Autonomy. The technology involved has not been specified.

Oracle too has signed a new OEM licensing agreement for some of Autonomy's e-discovery, document management and compliance software. It signed a previous deal in April, 2007, before Autonomy bought Zantaz. That deal referred to the integration of Autonomy's IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) into Oracle's products. The new deal follows on from the Zantaz purchase and the introduction of e-discovery and Desktop Legal Hold products into Autonomy's product range.

In general Oracle customers storing structured content in Oracle databases will now also be able to use Oracle-provided software to look after unstructured content too.

Autonomy had previously signed IDOL OEM deals with HP, IBM and Symantec. It has also signed a search technology-based deal with EMC.

Lloyds TSB has signed an order for certain Autonomy products. Following so close on the Citigroup deal, the supposition is that it is also likely to be a Desktop Legal Hold deal.

Demonstrating the width and depth of Autonomy's sales channel the Phytosanitary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (PARS) has bought Autonomy electronic document and records management (eDRM) software. This will help it manage its growing volume of physical and electronic documents and records, enabling it to better comply with the World Trade Organization’s initiative to improve food safety, animal and plant health.

Adobe ... EMC ... HP ... IBM ... Oracle ... Symantec ... These OEM deals will impress blue chip businesses and Autonomy's blue chip business deals - Bayer ... Citigroup ... Lloyds TSB ... will impress OEMs supplying that market too. It's called a virtuous circle. It's beginning to look as if Autonomy software technology for search, e-document discovery and management will be everywhere, a de-facto standard in fact.