VMware's virtual infrastructure vision is about the dynamic provisioning of virtualised servers, storage and networks. Expect an API interface between VMware and virtualised storage resource providers for automated and dynamic storage provisioning.

That is to say the automated, policy-driven provisioning of storage for virtualised servers. This was backed up by EqualLogic EMEA VP John Joseph saying: "Stay tuned" when asked if this meant an automated interface between VMware's virtual infrastructure and EqualLogic PS arrays such that a virtual server could be provisioned automatically with a volume of storage from an EqualLogic iSCSI storage pool.

This means that VMware will have an API through which storage provisioning commands can be issued and through which storage status messages can be delivered by a storage resource to VMware, such as 'I'm getting full up.'

This means, further, that EqualLogic's storage SW will have an API through which it can receive commands from VMware to provision storage for a virtual server, de-provision that storage, and through which it can send status messages back to VMware.

VMware believes in open standards. Therefore, logically, this API must be made available to providers of virtualised storage, meaning EMC, NetApp, EqualLogic, Left Hand Networks and others.

How about that? Storage provisioning is about to get a whole lot easier.

Also, Microsoft will inevitably want to get in on the act and add a similar API to Windows Server and WUDDS.

That's my take on a conversation with VMware and EqualLogic today.