You might think Trapeze would be upset to find its multi-vendor WLAN management partner is going to be swallowed up by a major rival.

As it happens, Trapeze says it's not concerned that Aruba is buying AirWave, the self-styled "Openview of wireless LANs".

Trapeze has been working with AirWave's multi-vendor management platform, since the summer when AirWave included Trapeze's hardware, but apparently this doesn't affect many customers: "The impetus for us to work with them was driven by a few Trapeze prospects and customers who already had other vendors' equipment installed and/or were managing their existing WLAN with Airwave and wanted to manage the Trapeze kit via the same management interface," says Trapeze director of technical marketing Michael Coci.

Coci says Aruba's probably on the level when it says it will keep AirWave multi-vendor and (to a point) independent: "I expect a limited impact for our business relationship since a major benefit of Airwave's story is their multi-vendor capabilities, and we have only a handful of common customers to date."

He earns his technical marketing stripes with his next comment: "This is a logical step for Aruba - an IPO allows a company to make acquisitions and investments in areas that need improvement, and Trapeze have always had the better network management solution."

Aruba will take most of the year before building any AirWave functionality into its own management system by which time, Trapeze will have added more "amazing" features to its Ringmaster system, he says. "I'm more impressed with what's coming down the Trapeze development pipe for Ringmaster than I ever have been," he says, apologising for Jobsian turn of phrase.