Your bandwidth demands are almost certainly rising faster than your budget - especially given that the latter is more likely to be falling than rising.

But bandwidth is also getting cheaper - or it ought to be, for those of us not tied into overpriced contracts.

So the question is, are your needs rising faster than the amount of bandwidth that your budget will buy?

Yes, by a large margin, according to a survey by network operator Viatel. It reports that around half of IT managers expect their bandwidth requirements to grow by over 50 percent in the next five years, but do not expect to see more than a 5 percent increase in their budgets.

It reckons that this going to translate into WAN congestion, which in turn is likely to cause problems for the enterprise apps that run over the WAN.

I do wonder, though. Are there really so many of us locked into overpriced contracts that we can't make each year's bandwidth budget go further than the last?

And rather than simply buying more bandwidth, surely we should be using it more intelligently - prioritising those enterprise apps over general web-surfing, for instance.

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