Wi-Fi vendors hear a lot of rumours, and pass on the ones they like, the ones that spread doubts about their rivals. Sometimes these turn out not to be true.

As I was heading for the Alcatel Lucent Forum in Paris, one company told me that they'd heard Alcatel was ending its OEM partnership with Aruba. There was talk from Alcatel too, about a possible wireless LAN announcement, so I went expecting nothing, but with my eyes open.

As it turned out, there was no sign of any tension in the Alcatel-Aruba relationship. The stand staff in the exhibition were well briefed on Aruba's 802.11n products, the AP124 and 125which they told me Alcatel would start shipping in April. They knew all about the power supply issues with 802.11n and were very happy with Aruba's version of the situation.

This doesn't exclude the possibility of some high-level deal-making or deal-breaking that could change things. But the Alcatel Lucent stand staff had their own counter-rumour. Their company, they hinted, might very well want to buy Aruba.

I'll take that rumour to my next meeting with anyone in enterprise WLANs.