xG Technologies appears to have lost its only actual named customer, according to releases on its site.

xG, as Techworld readers will remember, claimed its xMax technology gave massive improvements over wireless technologies such as WiMax in 2005. Since then, we've been waiting for corroboration - with increasing scepticism, since we've learnt that xG's original claims were impossible as they break physical laws.

The company is still saying optimistic things, but there's an announcement on its site: apparently, Florida ISP Far Reach, as far as we know xG's only actual named customer, has sent the equipment back, and terminated the contract.

The equipment was reported to have arrived at Far Reach in April, but according to a page at Far Reach, the ISP asked xG to take it away again - which it has done (elsewhere on the Far Reach site, there's still a page promising xMax, but a release at xG confirms that the contract is terminated).

This happened in May, but we've been looking at some other technologies sucn as WiMax, Wi-Fi and LTE in the meantime, so we can only apologise for missing this development at the time.

There's an update to the company's financial position, which does say, "there will be some changes within the distributors which were signed up at a very early stage in this process. Where a company ceases to represent xMax, the assigned territory reverts to xG and becomes available for resale to another distributor."

Although releases on the site promise other operators, we couldn't find any other named operators committed to delivering the service.

There's also an intriguing reference to a new 250 series base station product that will replace the current 200 series. "The base station 250 series is anticipated to be 4G compliant," says xG. A product design update at xG makes it clear that the change is to support a better handset, the TX-60, that is in development (xG's handsets are dual-mode xMax/Wi-Fi), but gives no explanation ofwhat xG means by "4G" in this context.

The company claimed to be making a profit earlier in the year.

However, as far as we know (and we'd welcome any news to the contrary) there's no one else actually committed to delivering xMax service.