Oh sure, there had been movement-sensitive devices before, but it was Nintendo's Wii games controller that kicked off the latest spate of interest, followed of course by the iPhone, which can sense rotation and turn the screen image to suit.

Now it's Sony Ericsson's turn - in its latest W910i Walkman phone, it's added an accelerometer so you can change music tracks simply by flicking the phone. It sounds strange at first, yet the movement is actually quite natural - like flicking a horse's reins or a dog's lead, say.

The accelerometer-equipped phone can also be used Wii-style as a games controller. For example, if you're playing a driving game, you can hold the phone in both hands and turn it like the steering wheel on your virtual car.

Who'll be the first to take this technology and apply it to more serious applications, though? For example, how about paging through the messages on your handheld by flicking it left or right, or flipping the device Star Trek communicator-style to open or close a message or window?

Come on designers, let's see some innovation for the business market too!