I have shamelessly borrowed the headline from today's Times newspaper in the UK. It seems that Nokia is going to release new functionality on its mobile phones that enable a new memory card to be installed.

This can hold up to five full-length novels in audio-book format. Apparently up to six CDs can be needed for one audio-book. Nokia is introducing this technology in conjunction with a German publisher, S Fischer Verlage.

In March, 2005, Samsung demo'd a mobile phone with 3GB of hard drive capacity.. The Nokia phone uses a memory card and flash card capacities have been shooting up.

At the time of the 3GB phone announcement Samsung moved from 90nm flash production technology to 70nm. Now it is establishing 50nm technology.

The Nokia card is only the start of what is going to be a rapid jump in mobile phone card capacities. Audio-book cards are only the start. Video cards must surely be coming in a year or three.