On a related note to the previous item, Expand has been back in touch following Silver Peak's comments in our story last week about the need to support 155Mbit/s WAN links for data centre consolidation.

Expand argues that most customers will use multiple units for redundancy, and in any case will be consolidating from multiple remote sites, so that in most cases "45Mbit/s is perfectly sufficient" and "155Mbit/s is pointless and of no value to the customer".

Well, that's true up to a point, Lord Copper.

Yes, in most cases 45Mbit/s should be enough - certainly, no-one is likely to be running 155Mbit/s lines out to remote offices.

But what about duplicated data centres, and in particular the opportunity to accelerate the business continuity traffic running between them? Silver Peak reckons it can do that, so obviously it sees a need to support that higher speed.

What do you think - can you see a need for acceleration, even on these high speed WAN links? After all, application performance isn't just about bandwidth, is it...?