3PAR is not shy about making forceful comments about other vendors' offerings. It has turned its attention to HP.

A 3PAR spokesperson offered this contribution as a commentary on HP thoughts in an article titled ‘Keeping Storage Cool’. It appeared last week on the Enterprise Storage Forum website.

The spokesperson wrote:-

According to the article when the HP EVA gets crammed with disk drives it needs extra cooling and they say this is pretty normal: ‘[…] A chiller unit sits on the periphery or outside the data center. Large CRAC units blow cold air around the room and keep the equipment cool -- or at least they used to take the case of an HP EVA rack. There are now so many disks packed in so densely that normal cooling routines often fail to keep up. "We had reached the point where an EVA was producing too much heat," says Richard Brooke, an HP enterprise infrastructure specialist. "Cooling now has to be engineered into disk arrays as they are getting so hot." HP is not alone in this regard. To stay competitive, just about any array vendor has packed in hard drives by the gross into recent products. Any array at the 5 kW or above power consumption mark may struggle to stay cool -- particularly if it is surrounded by even denser server blades racks. […].

3PAR begs to differ. If you take like-for-like disks i.e. same interface, capacity and spindle speed we end up with these figures:

Maximum disks in an 19" EVA cabinet = 168

Maximum disks in a 19" 3PAR cabinet = 320

And yet the 3PAR array does not need extra cooling. So could it be that overheating is not the norm, but that it might be due to bad design? So not only does this mean end users can pack more disk drives in a 3PAR array than they can in a HP 19" EVA cabinet, that also means large savings when it comes to power and cooling. Which of course also strengthens 3PAR’s position as one of the greenest storage providers around …

Over to HP....