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Techworld is aimed at the highly technical network and enterprise user. By looking at IT products and the practical applications of technologies, Techworld attracts a core audience of professionals who implement enterprise wide networks and systems and keep them running from day to day.

Maximise brand visibility before an audience actively seeking IT solutions. Techworld offers a wide range of online advertising opportunities from established formats, such as leaderboards and newsletter ad units, to bespoke sponsorship and innovative targeting techniques. Contact us about high impact advertising solutions.


Position your brand as a market leader. Establish a deeper association for your product with UK IT decision-makers. Sponsorship enables you to maximise your message with the right audience, generating an impressive response rate.

Editorial collaboration & lead generation

Associate your brand with our leading edge IT resource. Enjoy increased credibility and high levels of traffic for your message by embedding it within respected editorial setting. Editorial collaborations are your opportunity to work with our experienced editorial teams to produce valuable and trusted content in association with Techworld.

Advertising Contacts

Matthew Bennett
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7756 2824
Email: [email protected]

Techworld Awards Sponsorship

Techworld Awards for 2009, celebrating excellence and innovation from users, products and projects alike. Project/user categories present IT managers and senior IT Professionals with the rare opportunity for their teams and projects to be recognised by their industry peers. Product categories grant IT suppliers the chance to elevate their brand in the spotlight, endorsing their attributes and merits.

Techworld Awards 2009 presents sponsors with the enviable position of leveraging their brand in this distinguished environment, advocating quality and innovation, and awarding the very best IT products and IT projects in 2009.

Techworld Awards attracts a large audience of influential IT Professionals, including IT managers, CIOs and IT Directors. Due to the holistic nature of awards, Techworld Awards 2009 will have editorial coverage on all IDG’s Enterprise sites: Techworld, CIO and ComputerworldUK, and entries will be sought across these audiences. Sponsors can enjoy extensive exposure to end-users in this accomplished and celebrated environment.

Techworld Award Sponsorship Contacts

Matthew Bennett
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7756 2824
Email: [email protected]

IDG TechNetwork

Offering benefits well beyond those of traditional ad networks, the IDG TechNetwork revolutionises the market by enabling technology publishers to increase their revenues and grow their businesses.

The IDG TechNetwork provides the most comprehensive network to reach technology buyers in their preferred media environments. We have aggregated the best news, community, blogger and user group sites within the technology ecosystem. Whether you are trying to reach enterprise decision makers or gamers, the IDG TechNetwork brings you an increasingly broad range of marketing opportunities.


Jonathan Busse - Head of Sales IDG TechNetwork Tel: +44 (0) 20 7756 2815
Email: [email protected]