Levels of data within organisations are growing exponentially. According to Nemertes Research, businesses’ data storage space requirements are expanding by up to 150% each year.

Not only is there more business critical information to process every day, but there is the heavy burden of regulation and compliance to consider too. So, with data centres already bursting at the seams, and a wider pressure to consider the environmental impact of IT, companies are faced with a significant challenge.

This challenge requires an absolutely fundamental change in the way that companies operate and run their business. Data needs to be extremely well managed and analysed within all organisations, but in an economic downturn it has never been more important to consider the resulting impact on profitability and efficiency.

Yet, many corporations are having to juggle ever-changing regulatory demands with increasing requirements for fast access to and analysis of data, along with an added pressure to manage carbon footprints. The result can be a data management and analytics minefield.