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  • True tales of (mostly) white-hat hacking

    Stings, penetration pwns, spy games -- it's all in a day's work along the thin gray line of IT security

  • DDoS attack against Spamhaus was reportedly the largest in history

    A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack of unprecedented scale that targeted an international spam-fighting organization last week ended up causing problems for Internet users around the world, experts say.

  • Facebook Graph Search a great tool for phishing attacks

    Facebook shook the tech world's foundation a bit with the announcement of Graph Search capability. Users are anxious for a chance to play with the new feature, and attackers are looking forward to this potent new weapon, er, tool as well.

  • Securing the Internet of Things

    Some of the world?s most successful IT companies believe that Machine-to-Machine computing, the Internet of Things, will propel them to new heights.

  • IBM: In the next 5 years computers will learn, mimic the human senses

    IBM today issued its seventh annual look at what Big Blue researchers think will be the five biggest technologies for the next five years. In past prediction packages known as "IBM 5 in 5" the company has had some success in predicting the future of password protection, telemedicine and nanotechnology.

  • In depth: How Microsoft is taking down Nitol botnet

    For the fifth time in three years Microsoft has stepped in to take down a botnet, this time malware called Nitol that was infecting new machines bought in China.

  • Inside the real economy behind fake Twitter accounts

    Some people do it just out of simple competition, essentially throwing their money away so they can boast more Twitter followers than their friends. Others do it to boost their corporate profiles, while even more high-profile cases have led to better reputations in the world of online clout, and thus job opportunities and advertising revenue.

  • LinkedIn breach reminds us to safeguard ourselves online

    The mammoth security breach that exposed 6.5 million LinkedIn user passwords should be a wakeup call for end-users everywhere. We should all practice due dilligence and ask the companies we deal with questions about how they deal with security.

  • Spammers staying ahead of filters and law enforcement

    When Microsoft slayed the notorious botnet Rustock, which had been sending as much as 40% of all spam worldwide, in March 2011, it forced the volume of spam into a decline from which it has never fully recovered.

  • Three ways to extend your data centre with cloud services

    Cloud technology is emerging as a viable option for companies that want to cut costs, increase agility or augment their own IT resources without building out new infrastructure ? or all of the above.

Featured White Papers

Origin of the suspicious

Long before there was a World Wide Web the Internet was largely a playground for academics and the military, and most people still thought spam was just a canned meat. Yet there were already hoaxes and scams. Just as early Internet worms evolved into the mass-mailers of the last decade and then into Facebook clickjacking apps , and the pre-WWW world of Usenet and email morphed into social networks and Twitter, so social engineering adapted to the new environment. Download this white paper to discover the evolution of misinformation and uncover how your organisation could be compromised.
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Email Security banishes spam for Macmillan Cancer Support

Email spam can seriously affect an email systems ability to perform effectively. In turn this can create cost issues as well as putting major management burden on an IT department. Download this white paper to see how your organisation can utilise email security to prevent spam from slowing you down.
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2013 the trouble heading for your business

For years businesses have striven to keep malware, spam and unwanted intruders at bay with varying degrees of success. Much of the protection they have put in place assumes that most of these attacks will be random and that, if an organisation?s defences are too hard to breach, the attacker will seek an easier victim. Download this white paper to discover the measures being taken to defend against targeted attacks and how effective they are.
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Proofpoint Enterprise vs. McAfee Email Gateway

Email is unquestionably the primary form of business communications. Unfortunately it is also one of the most vulnerable channels for security attacks, data leakage, and fraud. To protect against the ever-changing nature of email security threats, email security solutions must be constantly updated and improved. Spammers and criminal syndicates are continually evolving their tactics, and email defense systems must keep pace - or, better yet, keep one step ahead.
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Email: The No.1 threat vector

The very best anti-spam solutions today deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. A border-line attack that gets through a 5% gap in defences could cost your organization millions in terms of business lost, exposure to privacy threats, and brand loyalty.
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Techworld White Papers

Choose – and Choose Wisely – the Right MSP for Your SMB

End users need a technology partner that provides transparency, enables productivity, delivers...

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10 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Download this...

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is contributing to organisational needs for e-discovery and...

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Advancing the state of virtualised backups

Dell Software’s vRanger is a veteran of the virtualisation specific backup market. It was the...

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