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  • The ABCs of the Internet of Things

    You've heard the term and probably read stories about smart homes where the toaster talks to the smoke detector. But what makes it all connect? When will it become mainstream, and will it work?

  • Inside Facebook's brilliant plan to hog your data

    Companies want to get information about people -- their location, age, relationships, interests, preferences and much more -- because when they have that information they can offer more powerful, more monetizable apps and services and can make money with high-priced personalized ads.

  • Unplugging the data centre

    Nathan McBride joined hot US drug company AMAG Pharmaceuticals in 2008 with an ambitious goal: to rebuild IT using as little internal infrastructure as possible. He succeeded.

  • 10 Big Data startups to watch

    The Big Data space is heating up ? to the point that many pundits already see it as the over-hyped heir to "cloud." The hype may be a bit much, but Big Data is already living up to its potential, transforming entire business lines, such as marketing, pharmaceutical research, and cyber-security.

  • Invasion of the body snatchers: wearable devices are coming for you

    A place in your pocket is no longer enough for mobile gadget makers: now, they want your body.

  • Canonical CEO: Ubuntu wants to power everything from smartphones to the cloud

    Canonical is the UK-based company behind the Debian-based Linux OS Ubuntu. It's CEO, Jane Silber, talks about her transition to the CEO post, the company's past, and its plans for spreading Ubuntu everywhere from the cloud to tablets to smartphones.

  • Intel vs. ARM: Two titans' tangled fate

    Intel has barely made a dent in the mobile market, while ARM has been wildly successful. Does that spell doom for Intel -- or is ARM's triumph overblown?

  • Whatever happened to the IPv4 address crisis?

    In February 2011, the global Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last blocks of IPv4 address space to the five regional Internet registries. At the time, experts warned that within months all available IPv4 addresses in the world would be distributed to ISPs.

  • The Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards

    , the open source software management company, picks the top 10 open source projects launched in the past year, based on stats collected from the

  • Predictions gone wrong: Losing bets analysts made for 2013

    Cast your mind back to the late 2000s -- when the iPhone 3G beguiled consumers and the iTunes App Store began shifting users' ideas about how they bought and used software, when Microsoft pros saw nothing but clear skies after Windows 7 cleared out the Windows Vista storm, when green technology was touted as a transformative force in IT.

Featured White Papers

Whats coming in enterprise mobility management?

There?s far more power in modern smartphones and tablets than in the typical desktop computer of just a few years ago. Unbelievably compact computers ? that seem to continuously increase in power and decrease in size ? are the driving force behind today?s mobile devices, cameras and cars. And as the power-to-size ratio grows even bigger, together with decreasing costs, the near future will see computers incorporated into more and more endpoints ? such as vending machines, point-of-purchase displays and traffic lights. Download this white paper to discover the future of enterprise mobility management.
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How to write a mobile policy document employees will actually follow

A mobile computing policy document (sometimes called an Acceptable Use Policy) tells employees what?s expected of them when it comes to using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for work. It marks out the responsibilities of the company as well. Download this white paper to discover how your business can write mobile policies which your employees will not only read, but also follow.
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Built for business

It doesn?t matter what device ownership model your organization is using today ? BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), corporate-owned, COPE (Corporate- Owned, Personally Enabled) or a blend ? your mobile employees need smartphones that can deliver on their specific needs and wants. Download this white paper to understand why smartphones are still the best device to do business with.
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Turning the network into a platform for innovation

A magician pulls a rabbit from a hat and the audience is captivated by the spectacle, but the real magic happened behind the scenes?a sleight of hand. When you stream a movie to your smartphone, it?s the user experience that likewise captivates. But the real magic happens in data centres around the world, where more than a petabyte of information is transferred every minute through an endless patchwork of servers and endpoints.
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University student services excel

The average university student comes equipped with a laptop, a smartphone, and often a desktop computer and video player. These savvy students have spent a lifetime on the Internet and rely on it and their devices for both entertainment and their studies. A big portion of their university life will be spent in front of a screen. What?s behind the screen, and on the network, has a huge impact on their learning experience. Download this case study to discover how The University of Westminster is making networking issues a thing of the past for its students, and learn how you can learn from their experience.
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Techworld White Papers

Choose – and Choose Wisely – the Right MSP for Your SMB

End users need a technology partner that provides transparency, enables productivity, delivers...

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10 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Download this...

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is contributing to organisational needs for e-discovery and...

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Advancing the state of virtualised backups

Dell Software’s vRanger is a veteran of the virtualisation specific backup market. It was the...

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