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Latest News

  • 20TB Thunderbolt RAID array released by LaCie

    LaCie announced the 5big storage box RAID array with Thunderbolt that comes in 10TB and 20TB capacities at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

  • Western Digital to launch Helium-filled hard drives

    For more than 50 years, hard disk drives have run on air. That's about to change

  • OCZ announces PCIe flash drive

    OCZ unveiled an enterprise-class solid-state disk drive line built-around either SLC or MLC NAND flash memory and boasting a data throughput rate of up to 800MB/s.

  • USB 3.0 will enable RAID performance

    Symwave, one of the first companies to design silicon for USB 3.0, has revealed more details about the performance of its system on a chip (SOC).

  • Hitachi to launch 3.5in 1TB drives

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is set to announce a new 3.5-in. hard disk drive family for desktop PCs. The company said the new line includes better data protection capabilities and 43 percent better idle power consumption than the Deskstar 7K1000 line.

  • Free search tool scans net alerts

    Start-up software developer Packet Analytics is offering a free downloadable search engine, designed to collect network and system alerts, and help admins and security analysts dig through them.

  • Netgear slashes cost of .11n connection

    Netgear is set to launch a two-radio 5GHz 802.11n router with a new internal antenna system at less than half the price of some rival products for the SOHO and residential wireless LAN market.

  • NetApp sues Sun over ZFS

    Network Appliance has sued Sun, alleging the infringement of seven storage and file system patents.

  • RAM cache makes hybrid hard drive fly

    A new hard drive from Japanese company DTS has added 1GB of DRAM cache to a 2.5-inch serial ATA disk.

  • Nexsan bulks up its green drive arrays

    Nexsan has increased the capacity of its SATABeast array by twenty five percent, by using 1TB Hitachi disk drives. The arrays use just half the power of conventional drive arrays using Nexsan's AutoMAID technology.

Latest Features

  • A simple guide to Thunderbolt connection technology

    The arrival of Apple's latest MacBook Pro models brings with it a brand new connection technology called Thunderbolt.

  • Pairing disk with tape for enterprise backup

    Enterprises today have many more backup choices than they used to have, and they?re taking advantage by pairing legacy technologies such as tape backups with newer disk-based data protection options.

  • A simple guide to RAID

    What is RAID, why do you need it, and what are all those mode numbers that are constantly bandied about? RAID stands for "redundant array of independent disks," and you may or may not need it depending on your data-storage requirements.

  • How to buy a new PC: The specs

    Once you've determined the type of desktop system you want, a compact PC, a budget system, a mainstream all-purpose model, or a performance crackerjack, you need to know what components to look for.

  • Why Apple's Wozniak loves flash storage drives

    Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak accepted a position as chief scientist at solid state drive company Fusion-io earlier this year. Wozniak says he took the job because the company is so much like Apple was in its early days and he sees a huge market for solid state storage on PCIe cards.

  • Revving up its storage horsepower

    HP is ramping up its storage business, blading virtually everything, and preparing a new product for massive scale out storage requirements.

  • Implementing datacentre flash arrays

    Clever flash solid state disk array management software can already overcome poor write performance and limited write erase cycles, according to EasyCo's chief technology officer.

  • Making networked IP video easier to manage

    IP video is bandwidth and storage-hungry, but new technologies, such as iSCSI and content analysis, could help.

  • USB becoming universal slow bus

    USB is in danger of becoming a non-Universal SB as faster external SATA interfaces look set to rise in popularity this year.

  • Should hard drives do parallel I/O

    Should hard disk drivers change to multiple, single platter HDAs (head disk assemblies) with one or two read-write heads per platter.

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