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  • AP Twitter hack prompts fresh look at cybersecurity needs

    Getting hacked on Twitter is fast becoming a rite of passage for big corporations, but Tuesday's attack on the Associated Press could be a tipping point and shows that social networks must do more to keep their users safe, security experts said.

  • Facebook Graph Search a great tool for phishing attacks

    Facebook shook the tech world's foundation a bit with the announcement of Graph Search capability. Users are anxious for a chance to play with the new feature, and attackers are looking forward to this potent new weapon, er, tool as well.

  • Privilege management could cut breaches - if it were used

    Verizon report recommends 'least privilege management,' a decades old concept. Problem is, it's still not mainstream.

  • 12 personal security resolutions for 2013

    Among your typical New Year's resolutions - lose weight, stop smoking, be happier - you should consider making some pledges to better secure your digital life. You might even be healthier if you can prevent the stress of a digital disaster, like malware wiping out your PC, having your online accounts hacked, or becoming a victim of identify theft because of a phishing scam or data theft. With that in mind, here are some security resolutions you should consider for the new year.

  • Why employees shouldn't be trained for security awareness

    Fundamentally what IT professionals are saying when they ask for a training program for their users is, "It's not our fault." But this is false - a user has no responsibility over the network, and they don't have the ability to recognise or protect against modern information security threats any more than a teller can protect a bank. Blaming a high infection rate on users is misguided - particularly given the advanced level of many attacks.

  • Windows 8 security - What's new in latest operating system

    Windows 8 will be released later this year, and the new Start screen and Metro-style apps will likely be the first changes you'll notice, but those aren't the only things that are new. Microsoft is also making some serious security enhancements to help keep your system safer and to improve Windows' ability to combat viruses and malware. It just may be the biggest improvement to Windows security yet.

  • Why small business is a prime target for hackers

    If you run a small business, and think that none of your data was of interest to a hacker, consider this: what if a hacker could take stolen bank account or credit card information from your computer and package it with the same information from a hundred or a thousand other small businesses? Would it be worth something then?

  • Can Big Data be used to catch network invaders?

    The buzz in security circles about "Big Data" goes something like this: If the enterprise could only unite its security-related event data with a warehouse of business information, it could analyse this Big Data to catch intruders trying to steal sensitive information.

  • Google and the privacy Richter scale

    Google's consolidation of its many privacy policies hasn't shaken the foundations of individuals' privacy rights enough to bring them tumbling down.

  • Five free Android security apps tried and tested

    There's been much controversy over mobile OS security, especially where Android is concerned. With 47% of the smartphone market in Q4 of 2011, according to ABI Research, it's no wonder that Android is getting attention.

Featured White Papers

Internet security threat report

Threats to online security have grown and evolved considerably in 2012. From the threats of cyber espionage to widespread, chronic problems of malware and phishing, we have seen constant innovation from malware authors. Download this white paper to see how innovations in data security can help protect your company.
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Phishing 2.0

Phishing 1.0 is in decline. The public have become savvy and aware of the sorts of mass emails that cyber criminals send. Because of the decreasing effectiveness of phishing campaigns against consumers has caused cyber criminals to turn their attention to businesses - unfortunately with growing success. Download this white paper to identify the attributes of phishing 2.0 and see how your organisation can avoid the threat.
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The Truth About Online Trust

Trust is a fundamental currency on the web. In a virtual world, where you never know for sure who is controlling the website you are viewing or consuming the information you are sharing, meaningful interaction is impossible without high levels of trust. Increasingly, as cyber criminals have become more sophisticated in setting up spoof phishing sites to fool users into handing over personal details and passwords, sites need more than standard certificates to engender trust. Download this white paper to discover how IT managers are making the most of the opportunity to engender trust and cultivate loyal customers, to build online interactions and to boost online business.
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Fraud Alert: New Phishing Tactics?and How They Impact Your Business

Phishing remains a major security threat to businesses and their customers around the world?and the threat keeps rising. Compared to the first six months of 2013, the second six months of 2013 saw almost a 60% increase in global phishing attacks1, with businesses suffering estimated losses of over USD $5.9 billion in 2013.
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The new windows security

Users are accustomed to being in control of their PCs, laptops and mobile devices at home, and they often demand similar flexibility at work. But users with too much power sometimes get themselves, and their organisations, into trouble. All too often, without meaning to, they introduce security risks b falling prey to phishing schemes, risk fiscal exposure by violating software licenses and generate help desk calls by misconfiguring applications. Download this white paper to ensure that your users do not pose a security risk to your organisation.
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Choose – and Choose Wisely – the Right MSP for Your SMB

End users need a technology partner that provides transparency, enables productivity, delivers...

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10 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Download this...

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is contributing to organisational needs for e-discovery and...

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Advancing the state of virtualised backups

Dell Software’s vRanger is a veteran of the virtualisation specific backup market. It was the...

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