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  • 9 signs you should jump ship to a new job

    Poor teamwork, little experimentation, no clear career path -- your employer may be sending unmistakable signals of career stagnation. Don't miss them

  • Michael Dell: On SDNs and networking for the masses

    Dell is synonymous with home and business PCs, and data center servers. Yet Dell also has an ambitious software-defined networking activity underway called the Open Networking Initiative, where it partners with SDN software companies like Cumulus Networks and Big Switch Networks to bundle operating systems and applications on Dell switches.

  • Who's to blame for 'catastrophic' Heartbleed Bug?

    The Heartbleed Bug, basically a flaw in OpenSSL that would let savvy attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail and some VPN communications that use OpenSSL, has sent companies scurrying to patch servers and change digital encryption certificates and users to change their passwords. .

  • The Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards

    , the open source software management company, picks the top 10 open source projects launched in the past year, based on stats collected from the

  • Juniper Networks' new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir speaks

    New Juniper Networks CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir seemed to be hitting all the right notes at the company's recent RevUp 2014 conference, but the organisation he leads is under pressure.

  • The worst tech predictions of 2013 -- and two that hit the mark

    From the social network in business to the 'success' of the Chromebook to the launch of iTV, the pundits got it wrong, wrong, wrong

  • What to look for in an SDN controller

    One of the key challenges confronting potential users of software-defined networking is discerning the specific value of particular SDN controllers. Controllers, after all, play critical role as the key arbiter between network applications and network infrastructure.

  • Where we stand with SDN

    One gauge of industry progress on the software-defined networking front is the momentum of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), the user-lead group that is spelling out the core SDN standards and championing the cause.

  • Planning for SDN

    Software-defined networking (SDN) is the hottest thing going today, but there is considerable confusion surrounding everything from the definition of the term to the different architectures and technologies suppliers are putting forward.

  • A Q&A with the Chair of the Open Networking Foundation's Migration Group

    For an inside look at the goals, expectations and plans of the ONF's recently created Migration Group and how it hopes to help companies make the transition to SDN, Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up via e-mail with the chair of the group, Justin Joubine Dustzadeh, CTO & VP of Technology Strategy, Networks, Huawei.

Featured White Papers

Is your data centre ready for SDN?

Explore the state of emerging technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) in the data centre, as well as key considerations to make when positioning your data center to leverage these technologies. Download this white paper to understand the essential role mature technologies play in the creation of a strong new infrastructure.
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4 reasons to say goodbye to the status quo

With virtualisation already taking hold across much of IT, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) are emerging as promising solutions to the biggest challenges currently plaguing data centre networking. These cutting-edge approaches address issues like bottlenecking and scaling by enabling applications to talk directly to the network and vice-versa. But given the time, money, and manpower invested in legacy networks, IT departments must overcome quite a bit of inertia before buying into a new way of thinking. Download this white paper to discover why the time is right to change the status quo.
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Separating work and personal

As more and more business processes go mobile, IT faces an ever-increasing number of security challenges. Users now have access to a multitude of personal communication channels, such as social networking sites, untrusted personal applications, webmail, web browsing, and instant messaging. Without the proper structures in place, data-transfer mechanisms such as P2P file sharing, USB connectivity, media card swapping, Bluetooth? and NFC data transfer can all pose a threat to the enterprise.
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NFV and SDN are not the same

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) are two of the hottest topics in the networking world today. To many, the two terms are interchangeable, but the reality is that they represent two different aspects of the future of networking. And, while the technologies do intersect, they are not at all the same thing. Download this white paper to discover the differences between the two technologies.
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Migrating to SDN: Planning for a smooth transition

With 2014 shaping up to be the year of Proof-of-Concept (PoC) testing for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), many organisations are stepping up initiatives to migrate to a software-centric model. For most, the question no longer revolves around the merits of an SDN paradigm shift, but rather how best to navigate the transition to a more automated network architecture. Though it might seem daunting at first, migrating to an automated, virtualised network architecture should be a smooth and gradual process.
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Choose – and Choose Wisely – the Right MSP for Your SMB

End users need a technology partner that provides transparency, enables productivity, delivers...

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10 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Download this...

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is contributing to organisational needs for e-discovery and...

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Advancing the state of virtualised backups

Dell Software’s vRanger is a veteran of the virtualisation specific backup market. It was the...

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