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  • Ocado - a disruptive company to rival Google?

    Online groceries retailer Ocado wants it to be known that it is a tech, not a retail, company at heart. Techworld meets the company?s CTO Paul Clarke to explore his and the company?s technology journey.

  • 7 tips for protecting your AWS cloud

    This week disappointing news came from service provider Code Spaces, a company that provided support for devops application management. Code Spaces, which was hosted in Amazon Web Service's cloud, ceased operations. after suffering a distributed denial-of-service attack by a perpetrator who demanded ransom and then began deleting data when company officials logged into their AWS account to stop the attack.

  • OpenStack: Still waiting for the users

    OpenStack has an impressive list of corporate backers. Red Hat, Rackspace, HP, IBM and AT&T are contributing thousands of lines of code to the open source project and helping deliver an updated version of the cloud computing platform twice a year to allow for easier installation and better manageability.

  • Where's my robot butler? Good (high-tech) help is hard to find

    If you're looking for signs of our collective robotic future, it's either terrifyingly near or forever just around the corner.

  • Six free network vulnerability scanners

    Vulnerability scanners can help you automate security auditing and can play a crucial part in your IT security. They can scan your network and websites for up to thousands of different security risks, producing a prioritised list of those you should patch, describe the vulnerabilities, and give steps on how to remediate them. Some can even automate the patching process.

  • Security-vendor snake oil: 7 promises that don't deliver

    Beware bold promises from a multibillion-dollar industry that can't prevent your IT systems from being routinely hacked

  • 10 Big Data startups to watch

    The Big Data space is heating up ? to the point that many pundits already see it as the over-hyped heir to "cloud." The hype may be a bit much, but Big Data is already living up to its potential, transforming entire business lines, such as marketing, pharmaceutical research, and cyber-security.

  • Fedora tips its hat to mobility, cloud, big data

    The latest release of Fedora, nicknamed "Heisenbug," is a step towards making Fedora a player in the mobile arena. Fedora 20 also includes more support for cloud, and this is also the first release that supports cheap, low-power ARM processors as a primary architecture, in addition to Intel and AMD chips.

  • In-memory technologies move databases to real time

    Last week, application-performance monitoring service provider New Relic launched an offering that allows customers to mine its operational data for business intelligence.

  • A clear-eyed guide to Mac OS X's actual security risks

    Apple has improved its security in recent years, but is it enough?

Featured White Papers

Italian Fitness Equipment Manufacturer Adds Storage Muscle with HGST

For more than 25 years, Technogym has designed, manufactured and sold the world?s most advanced fitness equipment. More than 20 million people use Technogym equipment every day in more than 100 countries. And chances are, if the world?s best athletes are exercising during the Olympics, they are working out on a Technogym system. Technogym had a goal to increase database engine operations by a minimum of three times. To achieve this, the company?s IT staff engaged the services of Cinetica s.r.l., a local storage consultant and systems integrator, to tune its relational database and optimize the performance of its overall IT infrastructure.
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Mining Big Data in the enterprise for better Business Intelligence (BI)

Worldwide, the amount of raw data is growing exponentially, due in part to the explosion of connected devices, Internet services, social media, cameras, sensors and user-generated content. Moreover 90% of corporate data, including documents, web pages and email, is unstructured. The sheer volume and complexity of data is overwhelming typical database software and the situation is calling for a new approach. Download this white paper to find out more.
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The impact of virtualisation on application delivery over the WAN

The IT function has historically been planned and managed with a focus on individual technology domains; LAN, WAN, mainframe, servers, operating systems, databases, security, etc. An example of this is that many IT organisations manage WAN performance by setting arbitrary thresholds for WAN utilisation. By arbitrary thresholds is meant that the IT organisation sets a WAN utilisation threshold (e.g. 75% maximum utilisation) independent of the applications that traverse the WAN. Download this white paper to discover the true impact of virtualisation on application delivery over WAN for your organisation.
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Vblock Specialised Systems for High Performance Databases

Databases only perform as well as the systems they run on. Designing a system to power a true high performance database requires design choices that offer extreme performance, interoperability, and specific knowledge of tuning parameters that help streamline the operation of the database. Download this white paper to discover how you can support single or multiple databases as well as mixed workloads. And the solution delivers an excellent total cost of ownership.
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Vblock systems for Oracle Migrations

Download this white paper to learn how a converged infrastructure technology can simplify the migration of Oracle's complex systems of technologies into a virtual environment, resulting in the high availability and scalability that you require.
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Techworld White Papers

Choose – and Choose Wisely – the Right MSP for Your SMB

End users need a technology partner that provides transparency, enables productivity, delivers...

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10 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Download this...

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is contributing to organisational needs for e-discovery and...

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Advancing the state of virtualised backups

Dell Software’s vRanger is a veteran of the virtualisation specific backup market. It was the...

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