General Election 2010 quiz: How well do you know IT in politics?

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Question 1: How large is the "ring-fenced" science and technology budget commitment promised by Labour?

A. Half percent of GDP

B. 1.0 percent of GDP

C. 1.5 percent of GDP

D. No specific sum committed

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Question 2: Which member of the government worked in IT for Logica and Ovum before entering parliament?

A. Tom Watson

B. Stephen Timms

C. Paul Drayson

D. Andrew Adonis

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B. It was Stephen Timms, the MP responsible for the 2009 Digital Britain report. Before joining parliament, Timms worked in the IT industry for 15 years, mainly in the telecommunications arena. Timms worked in Logica from 1978 to 1986 and then for Ovum from 1986 to 1994, where he was the manager responsible for producing reports on the future of telecommunications.

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Question 3: Which party has made a commitment to more open source software procurement in its manifesto?

A. Conservatives

B. Labour

C. Lib Dems

D. Green Party

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A. It's the Conservatives. In its Technology Manifesto, the Tories pledged to: "Create a level playing field for open source IT in government procurement and open up government IT contracts to SMEs bybreaking up large IT projects into smaller components".

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Question 4: What was the name of the Labour PPC who resigned after inappropriate remarks on Twitter?

A. Stuart Lauchlan

B. Ian McDiarmid

C. Ian McDonald

D. Stuart MacLennan

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D. It was Stuart MacLennan who was the bad boy

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Question 5: The mother of convicted computer hacker Gary McKinnon is standing against which Labour politician?

A. Gordon Brown

B. Alan Johnston

C. Jack Straw

D. David Milliband

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C. It's Jack Straw that's facing the wrath of Janis Sharp.

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Question 6: How many UK constituencies is the Pirate Party contesting?

A. Seven

B. Eight

C. Nine

D. Ten

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Answer 6

D. The Pirate Party is standing in ten constituencies

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Question 7: How many Labour MPs voted against the Digital Economy Bill?

A. 21

B. 22

C. 23

D. 24

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C. 23 Labour MPs voted against the Digital Economy Bill - led by Tom Watson.




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