The Empire strikes back turns 30

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Yes, it was 30 years ago today that Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released. Those were the golden days for the Star Wars series, right after Lucas and company worked out some of the kinks in A New Hope but before Ewoks ruined Return of the Jedi for everyone--to say nothing of the prequel trilogy we'd all like to forget about.

So we've decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the best Star Wars movie ever by showing off the best fans ever. From Death Star home theater to Death Star watermelon, Han Solo hand soap to H-Wing Carfighter, we've got the best Star Wars fan projects out there.

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Darth Toaster

The Darth Vader toaster. It's got a dark side and a light side, and it's part of a complete, balanced breakfast.

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Best Home Theatre Ever

Dillon Works and Doug Chiang collaborated to create a Death Star-themed home theater for a private client. Ten seats, automatic doors, twinkling star fields, and, of course, a THX sound system.

(Photo courtesy of Dillon Works)

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Best Home Theatre ever, reprise

This rear-view angle of the Death Star-themed home theatre shows off not only the spaceship bridge-like design, but also the Han Solo-in-carbonite on the back wall.

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That's No Moon...It's a (Death Star) Watermelon

This planet-destroying watermelon came courtesy of Silverisdead on Flickr. A trench run never looked quite so delicious.

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H-Wing Carfighter

Shawn "Obi-Shawn" Crosby's H-Wing Carfighter is perhaps the only Star Wars tribute notable enough to have its own Website (which, at the time of this writing, appears to be showing off the next model). While it's hard to tell, it looks like it was a labour of love, time, and a Honda Civic Del Sol.

(Photo courtesy of Fire Monkey Fish on Flickr.)

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Hand Soap-lo

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Now he's frozen in carbonite, and you can wash your hands of him, thanks to Luxury Lane Soap's Han Solo hand soap. It's only $6.50, but it's currently on back order.

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That Workstation's Operational

The coolest PC case modification ever comes courtesy of David Barry, who sent it in as an entry for an ExtremeTech contest. Yes, it's a TIE Fighter. And a desktop PC. And it makes us all jealous.

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Skywalker for President

David Friedman whipped up this political poster playing on the iconic Obama "Hope" design of the 2008 election. I'd vote for Luke, even without the Jedi Mind Trick.

Image credit:

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An Elegant Lunch, for a More Civilized Age

Never before has a stormtrooper looked quite so delicious. Enjoy it--many Bothans died to bring you this lunch.

According to the description, the stormtrooper was made out of Monterey Jack cheese, the starscape out of rice and sesame seeds, and the slightly-discolored Death Star out of a hard-boiled egg.

(Image credit: vingt_deux)

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A New Hope (for Star Wars)

Some people mod their cars. Others mod their computers. "Adywan" decided to do something else--mod the original movie itself. This fan-edit of the Special Edition re-release of Episode IV: A New Hope boasts over 150 changes. Now Han shoots first, Vader's chest blinks, and Chewie gets a medal.

Check it out over at




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