Ten things you need to know from Apple's WWDC

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Universal search on Mac gets better


Your butler built right in. No longer residing in the top right corner, spotlight now appears in the centre. When you start typing your query, all the relevant information will begin to populate whether it’s from your computer or across the web.

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Handoff & continuity

This feature allows iPhones, iPads and Macs to ‘talk’ to each other to offer a seamless user experience. Start composing an email on your iPhone on the train, then pick up where you left off on the Mail app when you get to office.

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iCloud Drive & MailDrop

Apple’s iCloud will now accept any files, taking on Dropbox and Google Drive. MailDrop enables you to send larger files, if it's too large to email it will upload to iCloud automatically and then send a link for the recipient to download. If you’re both using Yosemite, then it will automatically appear at the recipient's end.

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Family sharing

No longer do you need to buy multiple versions of an app for the whole family to use. You can now share all your apps with up to six different people tying your credit card to their account. But don’t worry, iOS 8 will ask your permission so the kids can’t go on a spending spree.

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Third party keyboards & QuickType

Creating messages moves to the next level on iOS 8 with the introduction of QuickType; a contextual aware predictive engine that gives you incredibly personalised suggestions. Also, for those of you who are a bit jealous of your fellow Android users, Apple is now bringing third party keyboards to the update.

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The new iOS brings Tap to Talk that lets you share video, photos and audio with a simple gesture. Those annoying group messages are now in the past with the option to leave a conversation, label threads, add or remove contacts mid conversation and to add Do Not Disturb to specific threads.

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Personalisation and extensibility

New and updated widgets to the notification centre allow you to download apps to customise your notification centre. Touch ID is now being opened to developers, potentially allowing for your thumb print to pay for almost anything you purchase online, not just the App Store.

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Let your iPhone take care of you


Introducing HealthKit, an app that compiles all your favourite fitness stats into one beautiful interface – heart rate, blood pressure, weigh, activity calories consumed and more.

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Swift Programming language

A new programming language that combines Objective-C but without the C. Billed by Apple as “fast, modern, safe and interactive” working in both iOS and OS X – making building apps easier than ever.

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Siri and App store get smarter

Now, you can call on Siri with a simple command: ‘Hey Siri’. The App Store also gets a much needed update, allowing for developers to upload demo videos of their apps, new searching features, more categories and endless scrolling on search results and app bundles.




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