3Com is to integrate intrusion prevention technology from its TippingPoint subsidiary into networking gear from its H3C division in an attempt to deliver streamlined secure networks at less cost and power consumption.

The company has kicked off its initiative with appliances and switch modules based on VPN technology from H3C. Early next year it will start introducing blades with the TippingPoint IPS for its modular networking products, according to Gary Kinghorn, product marketing manager for security at 3Com. Also beginning next year, the company will build a single management platform from TippingPoint's Security Management System (SMS) and H3C's Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software.

H3C began in 2003 as a joint venture between 3Com and Chinese networking giant Huawei Technologies, focused on giving Huawei a way into the U.S. market and giving 3Com a stronger enterprise lineup. Long overshadowed by Cisco, 3Com had retreated from the large enterprise market to aim solely at small and medium-sized businesses, where the company's original brand is still focused. 3Com bought out Huawei's portion of H3C in 2007, but the company still develops and builds products in China.