Large UK businesses often have a mobile blind spot and are struggling to roll out mobile projects thanks to a combination of lack of skills and experience, as well as ROI worries.

So found new research from mobile systems integrator Cognito, which found that while 86 percent of IT departments have been charged with implementing a mobile strategy, nearly a half say their team lacks the skills needed to integrate business-critical applications with mobile devices.

The survey of over 200 IT directors at UK companies with over 1,000 employees was carried out in May and June this year. It found that 1 in 4 respondents blamed the potential failure of mobile projects on the mobile industry's lack of experience in supporting business customers.

It also found that only half of UK enterprises today have a mobile strategy that goes beyond basic email, despite the benefits that other applications can bring.

"The skills shortage is often just an experience shortage in a way," said David Perry, head of marketing at Cognito. "IT departments are capable, but it is more a question of lack of miles that people have with this type of solution."

"Mobile users are an extension of the business, with factors such as turning data into a workflow on PDA and then integrating this into the back-end systems," he told Techworld. "Also businesses have to support mobile applications, which is also very hard to do."