APC and building automation vendor TAC are set to integrate their software management platforms with IBM's Tivoli Monitoring energy management tools. The companies say that this will give data centre managers more visibility into and control over their systems.

Better management of the data centre can help solve inefficiency problems exacerbated by worldwide increases in data creation and computing requirements, APC executives said.

The integration joins Tivoli Monitoring with TAC's building management software, which focuses on indoor climate, security and use of energy, and with APC's InfraStruXure Central, an infrastructure management platform that combines power, cooling, management and security tools with server racks.

"By integrating InfraStruXure Central and TAC with IBM Tivoli Monitoring software administrators will be able to view, correlate and profile the dependencies of business process and IT assets to their underlying physical infrastructure," said APC. "The result will help monitor and manage efforts to reduce risk, raise data centre system availability levels and increase energy efficiency."

The integration of the three products is in development and will be available to customers worldwide sometime in 2009, APC said.

APC also said it was making electrical efficiency data for its enterprise power and cooling products available at its website. "We really have to iPod-ise the data centre. It's just getting too complicated to deal with all of it," said Neil Rasmussen, the company's senior vice president for innovation.

Joining with TAC and IBM is part of a holistic approach that APC said was necessary for cutting waste in server and storage rooms. "We will dramatically simplify the way data centres are designed, managed and how they are evolving," APC CEO Laurent Vernerey said.

One component, product or vendor can't provide all the answers to the data centre efficiency problem, he said. "We believe only a system approach will allow us to deliver a solution to our customers," Vernerey said. "We do not believe that we alone can bring a solution to all issues."

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