As users gathered at VMworld in San Francisco on Wednesday to learn about virtualization and cloud computing, EMC was stepping up its efforts to help enterprises that adopt private clouds do it right.
The parent company of host VMware announced new consulting and implementation services, as well as lab-tested deployments, for enterprises to use when virtualising their data centers and ultimately setting up private clouds. EMC also announced it will add VMware product training to its portfolio of educational offerings.

Virtualisation separates computing and storage resources from the underlying hardware they run on. The ultimate step in virtualisation for many organizations will be setting up a private cloud, turning IT infrastructure located across the enterprise into a single virtual resource, EMC believes.

Virtualisation represents such a sea change in how data centers are organized and used that enterprises can't just jump in and start creating virtual machines and expect smooth scaling, said Nina Hargus, vice president of EMC Global Services marketing. There are specific techniques that have proved successful in virtualising IT infrastructure, and these have become a major focus of EMC's services business, she said.

To address the many scenarios IT managers may face in virtualising their data centers, EMC has added to its catalog of EMC Proven Solutions. These solutions are planned and carried out in several EMC labs around the world, using products from both EMC and other vendors, then documented and updated, so the company can share the lessons it learned. There are 14 new solutions for enterprises to refer to, including ones for implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, SQL Server 2008, and SAP and Oracle business continuity solutions with virtualisation under various scenarios.

When they try to deploy the technology themselves, enterprises can refer to how these tasks were carried out in the EMC Proven Solutions, Hargus said. For customers of EMC services, there is no additional charge to use these blueprints and lessons.