Sticky notes are a common feature of many homes and offices, and there have been a number of programs released that bring the idea to desktop computers. Stick It is an iPhone app available free of charge that can be used to store notes on your phone in a familiar and customisable style.

Sticky notes can be placed anywhere on the screen, and can be customised with a selection of background textures and colours. Individual notes can be further customised with different font styles and colours, and notes can be emailed to contacts from within the app. The app will remember its state and restore it on next launch.

If you have ever found yourself scrabbling to find a pen and paper to make a quick note or write a shopping list, Stick It may just be the app you have been looking for. The number of notes that have been created is displayed as a badge notification so you will always know when there is a note that needs your attention.

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Sticky notes in the real world were a wonderful invention, and the move to the small screen helps to make them even more useful.